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New York Yankees 2020 Outlook


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On 9/5/2020 at 10:36 AM, secretagentman said:

Right now, this team is headed for implosion imo as not even Baltimore's pitching can save them.  Boone insists on running the likes on Mike Ford and Sanchez out there regularly.  In the former case only he knows why.  In the latter case it is because a low 100 hitting C who strikes out almost half the time is the best they have (are they regretting not re-signing Romine).  Add in Gardner, Hicks, Wade\Estrada (not regulars), Tauchman, Torres all of whom have not hit much all season.  "The next man up" this season has turned into the next Mendoza line hitter up and it has been augmented by a number of regulars just stinking up the joint.  You can't win when the only guys you have producing are Lamahieu, Voit and Urshella (and now he is hurt) with some occasional support from Frazier (when he is not rested so a 100 hitter can get some ABs).  Add in the bullpen not being sharp the past few weeks and some generally mediocre pitching overall and you get a team that if this continues will be a low seed in the playoffs and likely out in the first round imo.

10 of their remaining 20 games will be vs Toronto (and also 4 vs Baltimore, who are only 2 games behind the Yankees). Right now Toronto is the #2 in the East and the Yankees are the 2nd WC team. Those 10 games are going to be huge.

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