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Bruno Caboclo 2019-2020 Thread


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Might as well go ahead and start this.  Great last round pick.  Physical profile is elite, Grizzlies have cleared a path for playing time, and he fits the modern game well. Catch and shoot big that can guard multiple positions.  Just turned 24 years old, and has all the upside in the world.  Might be a slow start for the young man, but with his ability to catch/shoot and defend, I think he finds his way into around 20 minutes a game fairly early in the year, which should give him time to be productive.  Watch out if his minutes creep into the mid 20's (that would probably take a trade of Jonas or an injury).

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Love him as a last round gamble. The grizz will use him at the 3/4/5 positions off the bench and i think he will earn 25 plus minutes per night. Could blow up if they trade crowder and slow mo. Sneaky value with 1+ 3ptm, 1+blk, and 1+ast. Late bloomer

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4 minutes ago, DezedandConfused said:

Going to Houston, small ball center, shot 36.9% from three last season and can block shots, if he can get close to 20 min watch out.

Yeah if he can get any kind of meaningful minutes in Houston he’s an instant pickup. But I don’t see it happening just yet, still over an hour til the deadline lol

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