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MT & Kittle for Gordon, Ertz & Sutton? WHIR 100%

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12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR


Give: MT & Kittle


Get: Melvin Gordon, Ertz, Sutton


My RBs Chubb, Breida, Montgomery, Sanders, Walton


My WRs OBJ, ARob, Gallup, Auden Tate


I'm most likely declining but wanted to hear the consensus before I did in case I'm missing anything. Will Help in Return!

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2 minutes ago, shattovv said:

Ertz is a trap, Kittle is super solid. MT is top tier WR, Sutton is ~25. Whats your record? Do you really need this trade so badly right now? I dont think it helps you win next week regardless 



4-3 so ya don't need it that badly. If I was 2-5 I'd consider it but don't want to give up MT.

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Yep I am holding. Keep MT and Kittle they are studs. 

Ertz is not going to produce like last year as that was a historic season, and the emergence of Goddert has me worried. Eagles spread the ball a lot.  Melvin will be better than he has been, but it could be a bit worrisome due to how much talent Ekeler has next to him. Stand pat. 

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