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Jabari Parker 2019-2020 Outlook

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Yeah as long as Bagley is out, he'll suck up those minutes.  Potential even better when Holmes is out too.  I think Holmes will be back, but he's proven his worth and the torn labrum is tricky.  Kings probably will tank the rest of the season, but they are gathering some decent pieces.  Len is also a huge upgrade over Giles.  Although neither are true championship pieces, but that's not where the Kings are anyway. 

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Funny coming from Portis 

Watching the game right now, he is the focal point of the offense off the bench. When he was starting he would often be relegated to the corner waiting for the drive and kick from Trae. This make

Jabari was playing well, their lineup should be   Trae huerter hunter Jabari Collins pls don’t develop Alex len anymore, and Damian Jones too

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Lmao to all of the ppl dropping man. The 1 game virus or the recency bias disease is an epidemic in this forum dawg this shittt crazy. Hasn’t played in 1 month returns and has 1 bad game and ppl are saying they can’t believe they added this dude. LMAO MAN.

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