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$35 Roto - Keeper League - Drafting Tonight!

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Trying to start a roto keeper league that drafts tonight - using Fantrax - if there is enough interest to get it going!  I wanted to use Yahoo, but they wont let me start the scoring periods tomorrow, Fantrax will.  I prefer Fantrax over ESPN because Fantrax can collect the money without fees.  

I'd aim at using three keepers per yer, and using the following scoring categories.  Positions are 3 forwards, 3 guards, 2 centers, 2 flex.  If you have interest, shoot me an email, hopefully we can get 10.  davispeterj@gmail.com






Three Pointers Made 3PTM



Assists AST



Blocks BLK



Field Goal % FG%



Free Throw % FT%



Points PTS



Rebounds REB



Steals ST


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I have no interest in a keeper league, but Yahoo Roto leagues (with no H2H element) can start same day if you set to Daily - Today. You actually could have scored today's game if you completed draft before the first game today.

If does have a H2H element, I believe you correct there.....and can't start season til Oct 28. (I'm less certain of this as I only play Roto w/o any H2H element)

They make it confusing the various things they indicate between the different formats on the site, but there's a big orange banner on Yahoo league homepages that states: 

"To score for the entire NBA season, leagues with Daily - Today roster changes must complete their draft by October 22nd before the start of the first game. However, Daily - Tomorrow and Weekly leagues must complete their live draft by October 21st at 11:59pm PT"

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13 hours ago, bonds said:

Still looking?? I know a few more interested 


Yes I have openings, and I have moved the league to Yahoo.  Send me an email - davispeterj@gmail.com - or message with your contacts and I can send them invites.

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