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Blake Griffin 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 hour ago, WatchUrAnkle said:

My point is Blake's drop off between this and last season is larger than Conley's, probably largest ever. 

Oh I thought you meant Conley's was greater.  Either way, this is not a game we want people to win at.  I'd say Steph Curry's is greater, especially people expecting so much out of him and spending a very high pick on him.  Hard to eliminate injury reasons since both Blake and Conley's absences and suckage are injury related, though I guess Curry was at least decent when he did play.  I like Blake better in comedy than I like him in FBB.  That's all I will say about his game for now. 

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I watched him play against dallas and he looked terrible out there.  No lift, no speed, no athleticism whatsoever.  He's lost all passion for the game and the injuries have derailed him.  He just camp

This guy is unrosterable except on Punt Wins teams

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17 hours ago, bksm said:

If it was said that he will be assessed next week or so, why no IL in yahoo?

You mean that platform that's been ignoring straightforward User Voice suggestions from over a year ago? I'm shocked 😂 though it is a vague statement with no set or predicted timeline in place, so they won't do anything until he misses the standard 3 games

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Haha.  I think it's a low risk drop.  Whether or not he gets surgery, he's going to struggle this season, and get shut down early.  This news was definitely the straw that broke the camel's back.  If he started rehabbing and felt better, great!  But the writing was on the wall with his early struggles.  He wasn't getting into shape.  He was hurt.  Sucks that it's the same knee.  At least he's getting it done early, but I'm guessing he will take it easy next year, and laugh all the way to the bank as he cashes in his player option in 2021-22.  Pistons are stuck with this joker unless they give away 10 first round picks. 

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6 hours ago, Sosa said:

will be a late round pick for me next year (already scouting) 

I agree he wouldn't be undrafted on a 12 teamer. He's on my do-not-draft list but I'd still spend a final round pick on him. It's just been too shocking the drastic decline. Get well soon lob city founder.

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