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Christian Wood 2019-2020 Outlook

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your post history is funny skimming over it. you literally write the same three things in every thread, not a single time have you made a solid recommendation or write up (couldn’t really take lo

Guys he’s a journeyman, drop now before it’s too late.

Drummond is perfect for the Knicks. He fits horribly next to Randle, clogs the floor so no one can get to the rack without a help defender easily getting there. He doesn't contribute to winning. He is

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This is consistent theme throughout the game, the Pistons were down by around 10 points when Wood checked in at the end of the 1st, by the time he went out they were up 10. In the 3rd Q they were down around 12 points, he comes in, by the time he checks out they are only down 5, Rose and Drummond check in facing the exact same lineup Wood faced, and they're instantly down by 15 points, and Casey does nothing to stop the bleeding. 

Teams are just picking Rose/Drummond/Snell apart on pick and rolls. Drummond lazily sits back on every PnR, Wood by comparison has been very active in trapping and recovering defensively, he gets up into guys when they come off picks and he forces teams to kick it out laterally, his energy with the second unit is such a big difference.

I have no clue how he's only at 16 minutes when he's been their most impressive player all night on both ends.

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10 hours ago, Obliviate said:

Your thoughts on how the Sekou experiment played out after reading this?


And also how well Wood has been playing lately?



Easier to say things in hindsight 🤷🏻‍♂️

I make my calls based on objective observations during the time I make them.

You can’t say “told you Mariah would have the better career” after Whitney died b 👀 Doesn’t work that way 😪

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This thread in a nutshell:


Off night, under 20 minutes playing time: “Guys, it’s not happening, Drummonds not getting traded, and even if he did idk. Time to move on.”


20+ minutes with full line: “Beast. Will retain value even if Drummond sticks. Adding everywhere.”

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What was inexplicable is in a game where the margin was over 15 points, you've got Drummond being fouled and hitting 50% of his F/T's right up to the buzzer. What's with just 12 minutes for Wood? And it's not often a starter will play out the entire game with a long margin in the last 2 minutes, unless they reckon they were a chance to do a Sac/MIn type finish. But there's no Buddy Hield at Detroit.

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I watched this game. Drummond was was there to score and board, but played zero defense and was out of it mentally. The announcers noticed this also and said so. (Side note, Toronto has the best announcers now, having taken that title from the Kings' Jerry Reynolds era).

A trade is coming, and in the meantime, Wood is giving you enough stats to get by for a week. Dropping now would be the ultimate mistake.

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3. Christian Wood, making the most of it

Wood's per-minute numbers had always popped, but his strong play in Detroit marks his first sustained success as a rotation mainstay.

He has flashed a well-rounded, nimble offensive game playing both big-man positions for a Pistons team that seems to need a new rotation every night because of injury. Wood has hit 37% from deep on decent volume, and more than half of his long 2s.

He's taking big men off the bounce, and drawing heaps of fouls with a bruising, shoulder-first face-up game:

That is quite rude. Wood is averaging seven free throws per 36 minutes. Detroit has outscored opponents by four points per 100 possessions with Wood on the floor -- and lost all other minutes by 5.9 points per 100 possessions. There is a ton of noise in those numbers, but nothing to suggest Wood's impact is hollow.

Detroit's defense gives up fewer profitable shots -- 3s and attempts in the restricted area --- with Wood on the floor.

Wood might be semi-trapped between positions on defense -- too slight to man the middle, not quite rangy enough to chase stretch power forwards. That might prove more troubling as a starter. It hasn't really manifested this season, though Detroit's offense has been mediocre with Wood and Andre Drummond together.

Wood has carved out a place in the NBA. He'll be a free agent this summer, and a lot of teams are curious whether the skidding Pistons -- six games out of the eighth spot -- might trade Wood rather than risk losing him for nothing.

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1 hour ago, Boogerloo said:

Lol Thon Maker in with 3 min left in OT. Woods glued to the bench

Yeah, not sure what that was all about. And that other bloke Doumbouya who was apparently going to go to the G league played 30+ minutes too. Wood seems a bit like Boucher now, a player who looks good in some limited opportunities, but the coach keeps finding others on the roster to take his place where he can. Makes me wonder even if there is a Drummond trade would he even get much more burn? And of course, assuming no reciprocal tall bloke comes back too.

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