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Evans and Edmonds for Lev Bell? WHIR

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3 minutes ago, theantishere said:

If you can hold off until Davante returns, I think you could make that trade to make your RBs better. But I'm pretty high on Edmonds and think he could be a league winner, so holding him can also pay off. 


Thanks man, I got you too.


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Yes, a similar deal was made in my league, I think for Evans and Lindsay. Frankly, you overpaid (maybe), if DJ can't return for some reason. However, for the upside of Bell, it is worth the risk. He's a bellcow with a 1st rd ADP, so hopefully things turn around with the favorable schedule. The fact that you don't have DJ also makes this a great deal to offer or take.

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On 10/22/2019 at 10:34 PM, BookersB said:

Trying to trade evans and Edmonds for L bell, good offer? Team is in my signature. Thanks WHIR 


Easy yes for me. Edmonds will have value through the year but never as high as it is now most likely. Evans is not really someone I am all that high on and it looks like Godwin will break out at his expense. Bell-with Darnold back (as bad as the last game was)-is a prime buy right now. The ROS schedule is really nice and he has shown he can produce even behind the Jets O line. Better passing game can't hurt


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