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Drop Jamaal Williams for Stafford, Green, Robbie A, Dorsett, Parker, Tyrell?

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10 Team, 0.5 PPR, 4pt Pass TD

QB: Josh Allen

RB: Jones, Carson, Jacobs, Breida, Edmonds, JWill

WR: Nuk, Hill, Kupp, Fitz

TE: Kelce, Henry

IR: Cam


Trying to trade Henry/RB or WR but nothing yet. Just grabbed Edmonds. Like JWill, but he's only drop candidate.


Drop JWill for Green (went to Q, but may be a cpl weeks still),  Robbie Anderson, Dorsett, Devonta Parker, or Tyrell William's?


Ok with my QBs, but Stafford on fire. So Stafford is possible pickup as well.



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You're never going to start JWill, so I would drop him. Options would be Stafford or Green. With your WRs you probably aren't starting Green either, tbh, so Stafford would probably be most useful for you unless you're just looking for trade bait.



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