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Flex: G.Tate, A.Ekeler, C.Edmonds ~ WHIR

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I think it’s close between Tate and Ekeler. Tate has been performing well with sterling out so I’d lean towards him. Ekeler is a great option too as Chicago is allowing a ton of pass yards to RBs.


Edmonds has a tough matchup so I suspect he cools considerably, but who knows maybe he’s the real deal.


good options to have, I’d go Tate


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Ekeler, especially if K Allen misses or is limited. Rivers needs passing targets.

If not sold on him, I like both Tate & Chase. Tate has played well with Shepard out & I can see Chase getting targets by Kyler checking down vs NO def. 3 good options. GL!


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2 hours ago, ruby said:

All of your options are decent for a flex this week but I like Tate or Edmonds the most. If DJ sits I think Edmonds is a must start even against NO, otherwise I'd roll with Tate he's getting the targets.

I tend to agree. Despite the matchup I think he could get a ton of looks just because they have no other options behind him.

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20 hours ago, Steve Jeltz's Jheri Curl said:

HALF Point PPR.  Who would you start?


G.Tate at Detroit

A.Ekeler at Chicago

C.Edmonds at New Orleans


Thanks, leave your link

I'd start Ekeler very slightly over the other two. 


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