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Aron Baynes 2019-2020 Outlook

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List of guys to hit 9 3s and pull down 16 boards in a NBA game; - Aaron Baynes    That is all 

Dude is going to get drug tested like crazy lol  

Ayton at 4 will not happen.   I like (and still own) Baynes, but  I think after Ayton is back his roster spot is better used as streamer. If he still gets around 20 min he might be rosterable in stand

Provides more peripheral stats than Kaminsky and is hitting threes consistently, surprisingly. But don’t expect this every night—Warriors defense might be the worst in the league

Still a great 12-team option tho until Ayton returns. I’m holding with confidence

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1 minute ago, Raiiny said:

Took 4 shots last game, takes 18 against the Warriors. 

I hope he gets more touches next game too! They're playing Memphis, so I think it'll be a bit more of a challenge compared to GS horrible bigs, but if he's able to reach out to the 3 point line might be effective in during VV away for others.

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14 minutes ago, sld12 said:

I really hope he can get in the 20+ minutes when Ayton gets back.  As a matter of fact screw Ayton, Suns don't win with him anyway 😝


I bet Aron spiked Ayton's fruit smoothie so he could get his minutes. I'm sure there's a Down to Buck highlight video description for this.

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A couple of things:


Baynes looks like the real deal. The %s will fall, and so will his production, but he should absolutely be held after Ayton comes back.


Back in training camp, Ayton came out strongly and said the following:




With the way the Suns are playing right now, it's not out of the question they keep Baynes in a 25 MPG role (which is what he'll need to do damage) and just play Ayton in the 4/5 as opposed to strictly 5. Saric.. is not great and Ayton looks agile enough to guard perimeter 4s/longer 3s defensively. Ayton picked up his defense tremendously as the season ended last year, and even put up some great defensive stops on a number of wings down the stretch. A Rubio/Booker/Oubre/Ayton/Baynes lineup is the Suns best starting 5, and Frank/Saric/Bridges/Johnson/Carter is actually a very diverse bunch of skilled positions players to roll out as part of a bench mob. 

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42 minutes ago, cams1987 said:

This guy is a drop ? Injured, two poor matchs in a row and with Ayton's return ?


He is not a drop until Ayton comes back. And even then if I had him I would hold him to see what type of role he has going forward.

Obviously Ayton is the starter and will play 30 minutes a night, but you never know they could experiment and play Baynes and Ayton together at times to get Baynes in there more than just the backup center minutes.

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