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Rudy Gobert 2019-2020 Outlook

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Rudy single handedly stopped two teams from scoring tonight. He deserves to be DPOY.

I hate Rudy as much as the next guy here but this is a terrible spin by Woj. Surprised he could be this careless and irresponsible for an issue that is extremely sensitive to gobert and the public. Ve

As Gobert owners in fantasy, should we all get ourselves checked out or something?

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18 minutes ago, SlipperyMoose said:

C’est terrible! 

What’s with the dried up rebounds? That’s the bit I can’t reconcile. 

He's publicly aired grievances with his shot attempts twice this season (including recently). I dont think he is happy with how Conley and Bogdanovic have been under utilizing him. He has 3 shot attempts with 2 minutes left in the 4th. Those lack of touches could be discouraging him on the boards. 

Just playing armchair psychologist. But given how he teared up after not making the all star team last year, I think it's safe to say he is sensitive and that could impact his play. 


Regardless, 4 rebounds for a 7 footer playing 30+ minutes is unacceptable 

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Raptors small ball won last night, he was playing with foul trouble, but yea it's concerning that his defense and effort is being heavily affected by his offensive touches. It's the team's fault overall while Snyder is a good defensive minded coach, his offensive sets are bland. Team needs to look for Rudy to start the game to keep him engaged which is funny itself, defense shouldn't be dictated by offense, expanding his game beyond the restricted area would help too.                                         

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3 hours ago, sharkpotato said:

This guy is like a little kid out there most times, just throwing tantrums left and right when things don't go his way. He still has a lot of growing up to do.


Not trying to pick on the frenchman , but he's low-key a sissy . Didn't he cry not being called an Allstar or defensive player of the year. I forgot which it was .

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