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Rudy Gobert 2019-2020 Outlook

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Rudy single handedly stopped two teams from scoring tonight. He deserves to be DPOY.

I hate Rudy as much as the next guy here but this is a terrible spin by Woj. Surprised he could be this careless and irresponsible for an issue that is extremely sensitive to gobert and the public. Ve

As Gobert owners in fantasy, should we all get ourselves checked out or something?

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2 minutes ago, The 7th Beatles said:



So he's likely out for the next 14 days under mandated quarantine because he couldn't help but try to catch the damn virus?  Holy f---.  Who knows how many other players he gave it too...  You can't make this **** up. 

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so jazz play a b2b in 2 days, I guess they will all get tested tonight and then play the games? or will we see jazz games cancelled for a week or two?

edit: lol nevermind

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6 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

Season is over so you guys are buthurt and now we are blaming Gobert ..lol


Not about being "butthurt". It ain't funny. Ppl put tons of money in this sh*t. 

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3 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:

already 38 deaths in usa cause of coronavirus

Well he's healthy with no long term illnesses, so unlikely, but it's hard to say.  Hope everyone stays healthy.  I'm guess it's see ya next season.  Or they finish this season starting June, then push back/shorten next season.  At least they get to keep playoffs that way.  But stadium scheduling would be a PITA. 

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