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Offered Ekeler for White

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9 minutes ago, walker834 said:

WHo is hte better player though?  Not really playing for a bye week.  If Michel gets hurt is Ekeler still as good as White?  I have Jones depending on how he does, and I can drop Fells for a back on my bye week.  I'm not really tied.

White is the safe floor RB, but Ekeler is the upside imo. NE has so many weapons, while LAC is struggling with finding offense outside of Henry & Ekeler, especially if K Allen is limited or misses more time. 

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Ekeler definitely for the upside. Assuming this is PPR, Ekeler is a stronger option than Lindsay, imo. White is a solid contributor, but it's hard to trust him for more than 10-13 points when there are about 8 other guys on that offense that can produce a TD. If you like that, then that's fine, but Ekeler continues to produce (25 pts last week i believe), even with Gordon back. 

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Ekeler ALL DAY!!  Henry, Allen & Ekeler are his only passing options at the moment.  Im thinking they split Ekeler out as a WR mostly today with Allen going down.  Could be a monster PPR day!!

Im benching Chubb for Ekeler today in my PPR league 

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