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PJ Washington or Otto Porter

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13 hours ago, Bengalo said:

FWIW I just dropped Porter for OG.

I wouldn’t be very gleeful about this pronouncement. The fantasy season is long and vengeful and will haunt you for ill-advised moves like these.

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Season is young, so keep Porter since we're all just valuing them based on speculative projections anyway. At least with Otto we have established a base which is a top 30 player.

I would rank it Porter>Bridges>Anunoby>Washington>Prince



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I feel like OPJ is gonna slip in value this year, due to the Bulls bringing in Thad and Tomas, both of whom get take a few minutes at SF.  Lauri will get the bulk of the PF minutes and Lavine can take some SF in smallish lineups with White/Tomas/Lavine (then again, they've all got size).  That's not mentioning OPJ's hip injury and inconsistency.

I'd still take OPJ over them, but I really wouldn't be surprised if Miles turns out to be more valuable overall. Hell, if Miles were available, I think I'd even consider making the switch in a shallower league.

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