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NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2019 Week 9

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NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2019 Week 9

This thread is for offering suggested waiver wire pickups for week 9 of the 2019 NFL season.

It is not for the following:

Comments that fall into one of these categories or are otherwise not on topic for this thread will be removed.

Some discussion of waiver suggestions is allowed, but this is not the place for an extended debate on the merits of any particular player. Take these in-depth discussions over to the outlook threads for the individual player(s) in question.

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Jax almost put up 30 on them...Miami can beat them

Cam Newton

Jets DST

5 hours ago, Krambone said:

I just think Samuels has a bum knee, No chance he’s 100% on that knee, he’s probably been compensation for it and if the knee doesn’t give out maybe a hammy takes the trauma, NFL is too brutal if you don’t have your legs you got nada. Just seen too many ineffective players with leg and ankle/foot issues. But yes totally a gut call.

Translation: “I missed out on the Samuels waiver, so I’m making wild claims with no semblance of facts.” 

Samuels had a minor knee scope, no structural issues whatsoever. And was back healthy practicing in full 2 weeks earlier than expected. He was fully healthy last week and given an extra week out of precaution. 

To say “no chance he is 100% on that knee” is laughable. 

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Mentioned it earlier, but if you are in yahoo and someone dropped the NO DST, pick them up and drop a bench scrub. Amazing combo of good schedule and great defense coming up. Shocked they were dropped and sitting there for the picking in about 1/3 of my leagues.


Also, it hurting for a DST and in yahoo, drop a bench scrub for the Ravens DST. They play Cincy and the rookie QB next week!

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