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Jrue for Brandon Ingram and Conley WHIR

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I am looking to upgrade my team. I am in a 10 team points league, H2H. I am trying to trade Jrue while his value is still high (I know he'll get better than what he is right now, but I don't think he'll quite repeat last year). Does a Jrue for Brandon Ingram and Conley make sense for me? Below is my team now:


PG: Lillard, Dragic, and Jrue 

SG: Beal 

SF: (stream spot, currently have Isaac, Prince, and Kuzma)

PF: Siakim, Milsap, Marcus Morris

Center: Drummond, Adams, Bryant

IR: Bagley 


Please let me know what you think, I WHIR!!

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it's a decent deal since I am high on Ingram, but I wouldn't do it in a 10 team league. Too many good players always on the wire in a league that size so it's not worth it to have to drop someone. Depth matters more in 12-14 team leagues.



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1 minute ago, boytoy said:

I think you can do better than Ingram and Conley. To correct you, Jrue’s current value is low, while Ingram’s is sky high. So you’re  actually selling low and buying high.


Yes you are right. What I meant is selling high to someone maybe perceiving Jrue's value as it was on draft day. Which the injury can cover up. I just don't think Jrue will see the usage he saw last year. So selling off of last year's numbers. 

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