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Half-way through the season how are your fantasy predictions looking

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I'll skip the obvious ones like McCaffrey (doing great, I called that!!) 

I'll start with my misses that I can think of 

The Browns, esp Mayfield. I get their OL is bad and looks like everyone way underestimated how big that was, but I felt more sure about Mayfield doing well than anything. I'm still baffled lol
Mixon. OK me and the rest of the fantasy world, again an impact of bad OL was underestimated it seems 
Howard. Again not exactly alone on this one wow   
D Cook. I thought sure he'd be on IR by now, avoided him big time
Goff, I thought w/those weapons and even with Gurley seeing less time he would be fine
Bell, I know this isn't the prime Steelers but I thought he would at least be respectable
note, not adding JuJu because he doesn't have Big Ben

My hits:

Ram WRs not named Kupp. I felt sure they would largely cancel each other out fantasy wise but Kupp was the one to own 
Hooper, I wasn't this high on him but I liked him as a sleeper
Henry, in PPR at least, the guy can get rush yds but couldn't catch a cold (sure the QB situation isn't helping)
Basically any Eagle not named Ertz, they spread it around so much 
Carson, I believed in him earlier than most I think but by late Aug his stock really rose so not much of a prediction  
Lockett, he and Wilson have that connection   



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I planned to avoid Cooper Kupp in the draft because I thought coming back so soon after that type of injury would either make him ineffective this year, or he'd get hurt compensating for it. Didn't matter anyway because he went in the mid-3rd round and I had the 12th pick.

But yeah, I was wrong about that one.


I was also high on Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, and Duke Johnson, and made sure to draft them all. Total waste of my 4th, 5th, and 8th round picks.

What sucks the most about taking Cooks, is that I was stuck debating between taking him, Godwin, or Edelman.


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My misses:

- Dalvin Cook -- I avoided him in nearly every mock draft.  Sometimes I started WR-WR and grabbed JuJu or OBJ rather than Cook, because he destroyed my season last year with that lingering hammy injury. On draft night I reached for Conner over him. I've had a sad all season about it.

- Josh Gordon -- Yikes. I really thought he'd improve on last year's performance with another year in the system and no Gronk.  He didn't *kill* me before mercifully landing on IR, but all of those 5-59-0 games had me starting him every week at WR3 waiting for the breakout and leaving points on the bench.

- MVS -- Really thought he would easily emerge as the Packers' WR2 and have more fantasy value. Somehow I've managed to start him only for his two good games.


My hits:

- Lamar Jackson -- My first time taking a chance on a first-year starter. I'm always reaching for last year's outperformer instead of trying to guess this year's guy. Looks like I picked right this time.

- Jordan Howard -- Of course, I dropped him after the first couple games like an idiot, and he's been putting up those respectable upside RB2 numbers on another team.

- Chris Carson -- Weird how this looked like a really bad pick just a few weeks ago, but I felt like I'd robbed a bank on draft night.

- Darren Waller -- Had a feeling about the kid (read: watched Hard Knocks and liked the narrative) and didn't even draft a second TE.

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My biggest misses this year were at WR.

I wanted nothing to do with Amari Cooper, Kenny Golladay or Cooper Kupp; and look at them now.  I was also super high on Wentz and Goff, but also fortunately on Lamar Jackson as well.  My intuition turned out to be pretty good at RBs.

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Hits: Lamar and dropping Frank Gore for NE DST week 1. Fournette late 3rd is fortunately holding himself together.

Misses: Travis Kelce in the 2nd, Brandin Cooks (absolutely k.i.l.l.i.n.g me) in the 4th. Fuller and Kirk have not been healthy at the same time. Stashed Edmonds for ever and now will do the same with Jaylen Samuels. tl;dr QB and DST are dragging me kicking and screaming into the top half of table, but play each other this week and I don't know who I'm fading.

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Hits: Michael Thomas (2/16), Amari Cooper (3/41), Latavius Murray (7/97), Patriots D/ST (14/184). 

Misses: Tyler Boyd (6/72) [Could have got Cooper Kupp], Mitchell Trubisky (9/125), Anthony Miller (13/181)

TBD: Leveon Bell (1/13), Derrick Henry (4/44)  

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Some of my targets in the draft got picked off before they got to me.  Most of them have ended up being duds.  I missed out on Godwin by 1 pick.    Kupp,  Chubb, Hooper, Winston  and  Carson and T hill, and C kirk are the only remaining players from my draft.    Awesome waiver wire pick ups have me in second place at 6-2. 

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  1. Players I had marked as priority targets (some super obvious, some less so)  
  2. David Johnson
  3. Calvin Ridley
    Austin Hooper
  4. Devonta Freeman
  5. Lamar Jackson
  6. Mark Andrews
  7. Mark Ingram
  8. John Brown
  9. Tyler Boyd
  10. Dak Prescott
  11. Amari Cooper
  12. Ezekiel Elliott
  13. Michael Gallup
    Emmanuel Sanders
  14. Matt Stafford
  15. Kenny Golladay
  16. Marvin Jones Jr.
  17. Aaron Rodgers
  18. Deshaun Watson
  19. Leonard Fournette
  20. Damien Williams
  21. Dalvin Cook
  22. Cooper Kupp
  23. Julian Edelman
  24. Alvin Kamara
  25. Saquon Barkley
  26. Robby Anderson
  27. Josh Jacobs
  28. Darren Waller
  29. Carson Wentz
  30. Desean Jackson
  31. Tevin Coleman
  32. Jameis Winston
  33. Chris Godwin
  34. Mike Evans
  35. Adrian Peterson  


  1. I would say I hit on roughly 80-85% of these.  
  3. My biggest misses being Damien Williams (not as good as I thought. Also had injury + trade for Shady & general lack of run game in the offense), Desean Jackson (injury), and Adrian Peterson (Washington much worse than I imagined) plus a few others that have not quite been as strong or consistent as I'd predicted (but still fairly solid for the most part) like Marvin Jones, Tyler Boyd, & Emmanuel Sanders
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Doubled up on Evans/Godwin...pre and early during the season friends into FF told me to trade Godwin

Always handcuff a top-tier/bellcow RB especially of smaller frame(Kamara....so glad I held onto Murray)




Odell Beckham

Jameis Winston

OJ Howard


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16 hours ago, hansen said:

I was also high on Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, and Duke Johnson, and made sure to draft them all. Total waste of my 4th, 5th, and 8th round picks.


Join the club on those last two. ouch!

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Hits: Carson, Aaron Jones, Godwin, Chubb

Wish I would have drafted the Pats D in every league, only got them in 2/4,so I'll take it.

Misses- JuJu- maybe would have been great if Ben was still there. I missed hard on all QBS except Lamar Jackson, huge value pick. David Montgomery I was sure was gonna wreck havoc, missed on that.

WR: I think everyone failed on this one since most of the top choices are not the current leaders in fantasy points.

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avoid Montgomery, Damien Williams, Kerryon

Go for Tevin Coleman everywhere (apart from injury, good)



Robert woods instead of kupp few rounds later

Promised myself to never draft a QB earlier than 10th round, and I got tempted and took Cam at 8, felt like BPA.

drafting Miles sanders everywhere

Oj Howard ofc

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Biggest miss is the Patriots defense for me.  I remember looking at their schedule and thinking how easy it was....Yet I still passed on them in all my leagues.

Another big miss was drafting Kerryon Johnson and falling into the hype.  I knew I didn't like him though and regretted the pick shortly after making it.

Biggest hit though was Lamar.  I'm in like 10 leagues and have him in almost every one.  He's this years Mahomes in terms of striking gold for those that waited for QB's.

The other nice hit was Waller and Andrews.  I waited on TE's in all my leagues as I never feel like it's worth taking them early.  It seemed like either Waller or Andrews were the guys I was taking in every draft so that's been a nice payoff.

Best avoids for me had to be Antonio Brown and David Montgomery.  I have had those guys on any of my teams.  Although, I did like Monty...he just always went sooner than I wanted to take him.  As for Brown, I never would pick him no matter what.  Could just see this season coming from a mile away IMO.


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I predicted that D. Williams will be irrelevant.

Not here to brag or anything. It’s like predicting that the Patriots will win their division. Yeah you got it right but at the same time getting it right isn’t an achievement.

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There hasn't been as many league winning waiver wire acquisitions this year, especially at the RB position. Some past league winners like Chubb, OBJ (first year), Devonta Freeman (First year as starter), Conner, Damien Williams (4 Games) are surprisingly missing this year.

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