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Richaun Holmes 2019-2020 Outlook

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8 minutes ago, RafiBomb said:

just traded for this guy! I can't help but think he maintains good value even with Bagley back. What do you guys think? Will he still get 25+ minutes even when Bagley returns?


he's great enjoy the ride.  can offset some brick layers elsewhere in your lineup, help in boards and blocks and won't kill you in FT and chips in some assists once and awhile.  not bad.  I'd expect ROS > 80 even case.   

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7 minutes ago, Bringthesonicsback said:

Who’d you trade?

Miles Bridges and Draymond Green. I don't see Bridges breakout this year like I thought with Rozier and Graham being the focal point on offense. Green is pretty self-explanatory. Also needed to make room for Favors and JRich when they come back from IL. Bridges might come back to haunt me with a late season breakout. Holmes is currently ranked #28 in my league right now which obviously isn't sustainable but as long as he keeps a top 60 pace I'll be happy.

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18 minutes ago, Igno said:

Great 1st half. 20 mins already. He provides night in night out at this point. It's safe to say he has earned Walton's trust.


I wonder why!



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there's been at least two plays where Aldridge and Derozan got the ball literally ripped away from their hands by Holmes as they were driving. Freaking monster.

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4 hours ago, doomz said:


I wonder why!



Hey man, how do you embed sweet tweets like this on mobile?

44 minutes ago, Bringthesonicsback said:

I've got some bad news boys... since Holmes became the starter (19 games), he's up to player rank #24... good thing Bagley will come back to bump him down a few spots bc 2rd round Holmes doesnt sound nearly as good.

Firth Rd value would roll off the tongue more easily. Too bad in points league he's only like ~40ish tho.

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