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Richaun Holmes 2019-2020 Outlook

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4 minutes ago, vincentwsho said:

He's on my league's waiver wire... worth dropping Simmons to get him? I have a feeling Simmons won't be back until at least the last week of the playoffs, and even so might be limited


Believe me, you got someone else worth dropping than Ben Simmons. Look deeper. 

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Oh man, anyone watching the game see how many times he's been hit in the face? 

Two smacks by Lowry drives, one Gasol butt, one Raptors player smacking him in the eye and knocking out his contact ... 

He's been bent over and holding his face pretty much every possession. Ouch.  Dude's a fighter though; he dives everywhere.  Even if he's not 100% and regardless of how he does, I'm still proud of having this guy on my team.

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I wonder how long before they release the minutes restrictions and put this guy back in the starting lineup? He was just dropped in my league because it’s the quarterfinals. People trying to get more than 2 games out of his spot I assume. I wanna put in a ww claim but I’m hesitant.

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No idea on releasing the restriction - he's been out for quite a while and the Kings have the luxury of using Len/Giles at the 5 too, for short stints.

Holmes did close out the game last time and looked great, and this soft week (2 games) sorta works in his favor, giving him time to rest.  I've got lots of options in one league on the wire, and I'm happily holding him for that reason.  He's got 1st round upside, incredibly, and even if he regresses a bit or loses minutes, it's still likely gonna round out to mid-round value. That's not often found on the wire.

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