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Trade Porzingis/Rui for Lilliard/Adams? WHIR

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10 team h2h 8 categories

I originally tried to build a punt assist team, but ended up with Harden. Now I am thinking about punting FG% with my current team. Would you trade away Kristaps and get Lillard to pair with Harden? Current team below

PG: Dlo
SG: Harden
SF: Tobias
PF: Kristaps
C :Vuc
G: Lavine
F: Sabonis
UTL: Bryant
UTL: Brook Lopez
UTL: Barton
Bench: Smart, Rui, Streaming


I am also working on a side deal trying to land KAT for Vuc + Dlo or someone else, but that one isn't as warm as Damien. 



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Errr ... is that OFFERED to you now?  

If you're thinking about offering that trade, that's a really poor offer, given any savvy fantasy player knows Zingis' injury history and the likelihood that the Mavs rest him, while Lillard is a perennial iron man. You're basically trading a 4th rounder and a 10th rounder for a 1st rounder and a 6th rounder.  

Otherwise, if someone's offering it to you (no idea why they would), then go for it, hope it doesn't get vetoed, and find a more competitive league next year.

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