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Should I punt on this week? WHIR

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12-team, 0.5 PPR:


QB: Murray, Winston

RB: Kamara, Latavius, T. Cohen, Dam. Williams, Henderson

WR: Julio, Sutton, Cooks, Samuel, Watkins

TE: Kittle

K: Zuerlein

DST: Bears


I'm 4-4, and in a real bad spot this week. I'm up against the #1 team in my league who has no notable bye/injury issues. Meanwhile, I'm missing most of my best players on byes, and the remaining ones other than Kittle all have tough matchups. We start 3 WR and a flex in this league, so just to field a complete team would involving making two drops, including Zuerlein. Even then, I will be a huge underdog in the matchup (he has about 50 points on me right now in the projections). So my two options are:


1) Drop two players (Henderson and Zuerlein most likely) in order to pick up a kicker and a flex just to field a complete team. The flex would like be DeVante Parker or Corey Davis, neither of which excite me long-term.

2) Admit that I'm not going to win this week, and instead focus on improving long term. That would involve holding on to Zuerlein and taking a 0 for the K position, and either holding on to Henderson as a high-upside backup, or dropping him for a piece that can help me next week (like the Ravens DST who get the Bengals).


Thoughts on my best course of action?

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