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1 hour ago, Dominator83 said:

I think OP meant Nunn, because Dunn sucks! Anyway, for me, I'm in points leagues. One of them I was too slow. But the other I got all 3 of Tristan, Zeller, and Graham off the wire 

Yeah sorry, Nunn haha

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34 minutes ago, thrilla1nManila said:

might as well name the thread how many of these Hornest you own? lol


Washington, Isiah Thomas, Zeller.

Hornets are like a magic eight ball every night, different players going off every other game. Might as well own them all haha

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I think Glen Robinson III gets more usage with Curry gone.

Somebody has to pick up the scoring slack that Curry had. Burks is there, but does not have the greatest track record. Poole seems to fire up a lot of shots. I think he shot 3/22 last period.

Who else besides Draymond and DLO can score. Maybe Cauley-Stein.

Everybody else is 23 or under and not a known quantity. So I'm taking a flyer on Robinson and we will see if anything pans out.

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6 hours ago, ellejamil said:

Best WW pickups for your team so far and bold calls for WW of the year!


Mine have been Dunn, PJ, and OG. I think Dunn will be a beast of a scorer, but OG will have more all-around stat lines.


You mean Nunn and not Dunn..

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PJ Washington


Drafted Nunn, then scooped him back up after I dropped him for an opening night player, 

Rich Holmes


Jaxson Hayes (this shall be realized tonight!!!)

all on the squad and all will remain there!!!

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7 minutes ago, brickcitymamba said:

Do you think he'll get enough usage to put up digits?

I think he needs 22-24 minutes to put up rosterable stats, but I think he's the most talented Center on the team, which should stranslate to playing time, and will have a role going forward, and should start as well....whether he will or not will be seen, but I'm very excited to see what happens tonight... he has Whiteside from a few years ago written all over this situation...but with a better offensive game... i think with 32 minutes he could produce late 2nd rd value this year (this is dream scenario but hey they come true)

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