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Rank these players, rest of season!! whir 100%


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Jaylen Brown, PJ Washington, Richaun Holmes and josh hart 

I feel like brown will go off this year, ample opportunity and two games he was in foul trouble or else he may be averaging 20+ points. 

PJ Washington has untapped potential but Richaun Holmes is a beast 

josh hart has been playing very well but not sure how long it will last with a stacked pelicans team

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I currently have PJ and brown, only because for h2h their playoff schedule is better. Am I the only one that thinks this may be JBs breakout year?

yeah that's my issue with Holmes don't think it's sustainable with so many players in the front court-- although many fantasy analysts are really hyped and recommending grabbing him everywhere 
I feel like lamb will take a hit this year, that team has a lot of firing power

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Rest of the season imo is:

PJ, Lamb, Hart, Jaylen, and then Holmes.

Holmes is always at risk at Walton's rotation and will be affected when Bagley comes back. Hart may lose his appeal with both Holiday and Zion returns. Lamb loses value with oladipo but I still believe he can finish top 60-80. Jaylen is hard because if his FT and stocks did not improve then he's not really rosterable. PJ is the safest.


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