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Thursday Halloween 10/31/2019 49ers vs Cardinals Game DayThread

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Kittle just got out of the tent again.   Put him out there.     

Been waiting for drake to get traded. Goes to the damn cardinals with a crowded backfield. Has a game on TNF. Coach says he'll get a lot of run (heard that before). I leave him on the bench bc its TNF


Just now, Sivaro said:



Do you remember i guy named Tim Dwight?

He is better than him and just as fast.

Yeah, I was really high on Isabella coming out. Thought Pettis was in for a breakout season this year, and Andy was a couple years away. 

I was very, very wrong. 

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28 minutes ago, billydough said:

I can’t wait for you to explain away Drakes good performance tonight. 

You have a lot of eggs in this basket. 

Why would I explain it away? Do you think I can’t see that he’s having a good game?

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4 minutes ago, stay_woke said:

Fire the D coordinator of the Cardinals. This SF offense has been terrible lately and and they can't be stopped.

Fire Kingsbury too hes about to lose a time out like an idiot.

You must not have watched football last week when they scored 51...

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