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Malik Beasley 2019-2020 Outlook

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From maybe not as good as Shabazz Napier to as good as Bradley Beal. The hype train has left the station!

Fascinating, thanks for sharing guys.

rest up KAT you big blouse, it's Malik's team now

4 minutes ago, brickcitymamba said:

I suppose I should pick up, but how much does the fact that this is without D'lo on the court, dampen his value/appeal? Looks like a better bet than Melton, anyway.


Better player too. By a wide margin.

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Malik is a solid scorer, I compare him to a young prime Wes Matthews talent wise.

Just beware that Russell is going to eat up some big shots. There have been many players in the past who benefitted when Russell was out of the lineup only to phase out when Russell was in. Russell has a career high usg this year of 32.1%, that is a huge chunk. That puts him 9th overall in the entire league. Towns is 25th in the league with 28.2%. 

There'll be room for a third scorer here with Wiggins/Covington gone and them needing offense, so there is still room for him to be a 12-15 guy, just don't expect him to do what he did tonight every night. He's a solid end of the bench SG option though.

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