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New startup Dynasty league

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I am considering starting a new Dynasty league and want to assess possible interest in the league. Here is a shortened version of the particulars:


+ 12 team, 65 dollar (5 toward league fee) pay-in

+ Fantrax serves as league platform

+ 35 man majors roster, 50 man prospect roster

+ 24 daily starters, 11 Bench spots

+ C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, (2) IF, (5) OF, (2) UT - (10) P undesignated

+ 12 I.L. spots

+ 3 Divisions, 6 Playoff teams

+ H2H weekly matchups, daily lineups

+ 9 offensive categories (R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB, OPS, OBP, TB, H)

+ 9 Pitching cats (W, ERA, K, QS, WHIP, SV, HLD, BAA, K/BB)

+ 50 total prospects (45 drafted in first year)

+ 5-round prospect every off-season

+ League draft will be slow draft of 80 rounds (45 prospects, 35 major leaguers)

+ Total payout pool of 720 dollars, half will be paid to regular season finishes with half toward Playoff finishers

+ Looking at a mid-January draft start


Please have a deep knowledge of prospects, given the prospect roster size. If interested, please leave an email and I will contact you. I am also looking at adding a second League Manager to help during the season. There is a league Constitution for those that have sincere interest. Thanks






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The plan is to have one draft, 45 man minors component first, followed by the 35 man majors draft. There would be a brief interval between the two portions. I am not married to the 'one' draft setup though and in fact, have been considering perhaps splitting into two, separate drafts. Most of my previous drafts have been separate drafts in fact.

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