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Ryan Finley 2019 Outlook

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With Dalton being benched, the tanking Bengals will be using the rest of the season to see what they have in Ryan Finley, the 4th round pick out of NC State. 

I admittedly know very little about him, but I'm starting the thread because I play in almost exclusively 2QB leagues and any starter is worth owning in that format. It doesn't hurt that Finley has decent weapons to work with in Tyler Boyd, AJ Green (hopefully returning), and Joe Mixon. 

I found this blog post from cincyjungle.com recapping what experts were saying about Finley as a draft prospect: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/11/3/20943765/what-the-experts-said-about-ryan-finley-the-draft-prospect

To summarize, he doesn't have a huge arm, but he's very accurate. He reads defenses well (better than any of the other QBs in the class, according to Todd McShay), and he delivers a catchable ball with nice touch. He is not a big risk taker, which is probably a good thing given his lack of arm strength and velocity on his passes. There are comparisons to a weaker-armed Jared Goff, and also Nick Foles. 

Hopefully the Bengals draw up a gameplan that lets Finley scan the defense and get rid of the ball quickly and accurately to one of his first reads. That seems to be what he does best, and lord knows the Cincy O-line won't do him any favors. 

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He ran a 4.7 40 which seems to be pretty solid for a qb and a guy his size. Seems to be intelligent. Since he is not a risk taker, maybe he will scramble some when he does not see a good opportunity to throw it? I may be forced to start (I am in a 2 qb league as well) him so I am trying to read more on him. Has good weapons on his team. One article had him as the third best qb prospect in this draft after Murray and Will Grier. 

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6 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

He was atrocious. Definitely nothing to see. Downgrade the receivers. Bengals will lean heavily on the run. Kid looked terrible and probably won’t win a game, which will assure the Bengals are getting Joe Burrow 


Agree.  The Bengals are just silly tossing this kid out there. They're just a laughable organization and it's hard to believe they could be run so poorly.  I mean, it's one thing trying to lose and not even caring about winning.  But then why not trade away some pieces and stock up some draft picks?  It makes no sense what they're doing there.

The only one it's probably good for is Mixon.  They can't pass the ball so they'll have to run it.

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