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Patrick Laird 2019 Outlook

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I can’t believe there are currently 4 Dolphins RB threads on the first page of this forum.   God help us all.

He had 11 ppr points last week.. flexible already 

Patrick Turd.

46 minutes ago, SkinsChargersFan said:

I can’t believe there are currently 4 Dolphins RB threads on the first page of this forum.


God help us all.

Yeah but if you pick the right one, you could have the next Isaiah Pead on your roster for a couple of weeks.  Bam!

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14 minutes ago, MetsSox said:

Is this guy a pick up and hold to see how the situation shakes out? We've seen what Ballage has done (or not done). Next up could/would be Gaskins or Laird. 

He was scooped in my 16 team leagues and one 14 teamer. I think he warrants grabbing in these deeper leagues and dynasty formats--esp PPR. He looked really good in camp and has been active ahead of Gaskins this regular season--though he has not received any offensive action and it seems that it was simply because of his play on the STs.

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I would love to see him get more carries instead of letting Ballage continue to be trash. The sad thing is I might actually have to start Laird this week...waivers are looking pretty thin this time of year and bye weeks call for desperate measures. I think if the Browns get out to an early lead...he at least has a chance to put up double digit PPR points again this week. He could also just as easily get 2 catches for 10 yards, so not really expecting much from him until we see him get more guaranteed touches on the ground.

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5 minutes ago, hard1 said:

I'm shocked by their love for ballage as he continues to be horrible 


well, there's overt tanking (like the hideous NBA), the there's covert/clandestine tanking (like our beloved professional tackle foosball) ...

... file undah the latter, natch 🤷‍♂️

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I think he can establish some late season value if he can pry some carries away from Ballage this week (which I'm sure he will) and out shine him. 

Dolphins are going to have a lot of trash time and we already know he is gonna get all the receiving work. If he starts taking away a good chunk of the ground game as well we may have something here. 


This is the type of add you make to get ahead of the waiver claims for next week. 

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10 minutes ago, Broncos132 said:

Looking for reasons to not start Tevin Coleman,and I'm looking at this guy. I don't see why he wouldnt get a decent amount of work. Ballage' play speaks for itself

Dangerous game you are playing 

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Reaaalllyyy hoping the Dolphins make the right decision to play this guy, at the very least to see what they have in him to save them a draft pick on an RB next year.  Seems like a dynamic talent, at the very least more so than Ballage.  Ballage is the worst player in the NFL.

Then again, it is the Dolphins we're talking about here, so I can't exactly count on reasonable decision-making here.  Maybe moreso than the Bengals or Redskins, but that's an incredibly low bar to clear.

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Good grab and stash (let him prove it first.) IF he can garner more carries (IF he can take over starter touches) to go with his pass catching chops over the next two weeks, he has a great play off schedule for a starting/pass catching RB:

14 vs NYJ (#1 vs Rush + #21 vs Pass)

15 vs NYG (#22 vs Rush + #24 vs Pass

16 vs CIN (#31 vs Rush + #24 vs Pass)

*basing this positive spin off the combination of him getting "starter" carries + the standard of Miami playing from behind while playing vs poor DST vs the Pass weeks 14-16.

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There is like one pay article miami herald that speculates he gets some more touches... but thats, like it..  he did get most of his run last week in passing game at the end of the game... so maybe it's some smoke... but def not a trend to chase yet unless it's a bench stash... deep

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