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Patrick Laird 2019 Outlook

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I can’t believe there are currently 4 Dolphins RB threads on the first page of this forum.   God help us all.

He had 11 ppr points last week.. flexible already 

Patrick Turd.

17 hours ago, OrangeAggie said:

I like Laird, but I hate the matchup. The Jets are allowing the lowest YPC in the NFL. If you don't have a better option, I could see flexing him in PPR, but he has a pretty low floor this week in standard, or even half ppr. 

But that was with Jamal Adams 

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11 hours ago, austin316 said:

This guy is an investment banker with 2 degrees. Fire him up.

He and Ryan Fitzpatrick get crazy studing rohrshac tests reading literature listening to Mozart and testing sats... while the others club and play fortnite and madden on Saturday nights...

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12 hours ago, austin316 said:

This guy is an investment banker with 2 degrees. Fire him up.


Laird's Google search history:


"How do I short myself in fantasy football?"

"Buy Puts of Patrick Laird"

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4 minutes ago, Sivaro said:

Potential keeper?


I doubt it, but I have him in a dynasty and this is a player who feels like he'll have some value next year and beyond.  I doubt it'll ever be RB2-type value for a season though.

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9 minutes ago, FitzMagic said:

How does an investment banker with 2.7 ypc convince the coaches to keep giving him carries?


Because that is better than all the other guys they have tried this year.   Laird also has soft hands as is a pretty decent blocker.     Hell, I would love to see him as a 3rd down back next year, of course he will have to hit the gym hard this off-season.

But for a walk on, and being called an intern by the coaching staff, he is better than  advertised.


Fitz will gun him some balls, and I like his chances in PPR ROS, It would be a great story if Miami keeps him as a RB2 for next season, very good role for him.




Ballage should be cut.

Gaskin is to small


Of course Miami has a ridiculous amount of draft picks so they will get a RB.   But Laird looks for real.




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1 hour ago, nmartinez12443 said:

If this guy can get 5-6 catches and 40 or so rushing yards, I would ecstatic. In full ppr this guy has been money and his schedule is pretty nice iirc.

He basically did what he was supposed to do (per projections). As noted above it was a tough match-up. He had 20 touches which is awesome and he has Cin next week. So, if down here with us looking for deep RB help, roll him out next week against Cin.

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