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Patrick Laird 2019 Outlook

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I can’t believe there are currently 4 Dolphins RB threads on the first page of this forum.   God help us all.

He had 11 ppr points last week.. flexible already 

Patrick Turd.

Yeah you can't start this guy... he was a ton of sites sleeper of the week and he laid an egg worst pass game usage on top of it... he has no moves... he can't make a snail miss... per pff worst juke rate in league on 1 play December 15th...this guy drive either runs into backs of every car he gets behind... per pcd involved in 75 accidents on way to game and way home

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Remember how unbelievably awful the Dolphins were at the beginning of this season? Remember how we all thought they'd go 0-16 and were intentionally tanking because their team was completely devoid of talent and they we're trading away anyone that even resembled a valuable asset?


If you had that assessment, then I don't see how you can really be shocked when that team's starting running-back leaves, the backup gets injured, and the backup-backup who was an undrafted free agent with a career 2.7 YPC and the following NFL Draft profile has a bad game:


"Cannot make anyone miss in space and lacks a promising athletic profile. Loves to work into space but is not explosive or agile. Upright, thick build lacks power, especially given that Laird rarely works within the tackles regardless. Will neglect blocking concept if he sees space, which minimizes his ability to churn out tough yardage. Has no open-field speed and can be chased down by all 11 defenders. Not particularly effective as a pass protector. Lacks a positive pro projection."

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2 hours ago, kyoun1e said:


The matchup at home vs Cinci is there. Expectations aren't high, but if I can squeeze out double digits out of my 2nd flex I'll take it.

Im nervous about gaskin now. Not sure I can rely on this backfield after that perfomance and gaskin doing better on less touches

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