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Ky Bowman 2019-2020 Outlook


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11 minutes ago, Quazza said:

this dude didn't look like he even belonged on an NBA court last week. Seems he's settled a little now

still, TOUGH match up for him today


yeah, he got abused by lillard and mccollum when they played the blazers but he went back at em on the offensive end...

like the previous poster said, he's got a REALLY tough matchup against WESTBROOK but hey it's Houston, theres gonna be no defense. its gonna be run and gun all night racking up stats lol

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2 hours ago, dfstout said:

Starting to think this guy might wind up being a season long value type of guy...

Hard to say. However Evans should be back fairly soon which most likely will hurt his value. 

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I'm not buying yet season-long. A potential Russell shut down won't happen until March at the earliest. Now maybe they play them in some 2 man lineups like they did Curry / Russell, that would be worth watching.

He's worth stashing to see if that happens since you're getting short term value now and he could pan out next to Russell, but he's an instant drop if it doesn't happen.



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  • 2 months later...

Im in the Bow-Train. No competition whatsoever as both Burks and Russell been shipped away. He will play +30 every night and might even have decent role when and if Curry comes back. I'll take the 1 dollar gamble as no other manager was aware of his situation with new contract and all.

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21 minutes ago, beejay6020 said:

Still weighing him up for an add tomorrow. I guess the great unknown is how much ball handling will he get as dray and probably even wiggins will do a lot relegating him to a more sg type role which in that case maybe Lee would be better 

Classic case of overthinking a simple situation.  The team is about ball movement.

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