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give wentz/kittle/aj green to get mahomes? WHIRR

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14 team nonppr

QB Wentz (have to play Darnold or another low-end streamer this week bc of Wentz bye)

WR Kupp

WR AJ Green

RB Fournette

RB Jacobs

TE Kittle

FLEX Hunter Henry

BENCH Marvin Jones, Josh Gordon, Corey Davis

BENCH James White, Ronald Jones, McCoy

Use my TE depth to upgrade at QB or stick with the shaky Wentz train? Wentz is on bye this week so I would have to play Darnold or another low end streamer (not much in 14 team league). 5-4 and need a good finish to make the playoffs. WHIRR!


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It feels like you’re giving away more total value, but then again in your particular situation I think it kinda makes sense (Marvin is a great fill in for AJ). 

btw, you have a heck of a team for a 14 teamer!


Thanks also for mine.

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Initially I thought you were giving away too much and would have said to stick with your depth; however, given your situation I would do it. Mahomes will be a big upgrade over Wentz who is on bye this week and gets NE week 11. You'll still have solid fill-ins for Kittle and Green. In the playoff race, go for it. Good luck!

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