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Trade Latavius even if he's my handcuff? WHIR!

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12-team, 0.5 PPR. We start 2RB/3WR/1TE/1 flex:

QB: Winston, Murray

RB: Kamara, Latavius, Damien Williams, T. Cohen

WR: Julio, Sutton (bye), Parker, Watkins, Samuel, Gordon, Cooks (injured)

TE: Kittle


Another team in my league is dealing with major bye and injury issues, and I offered Cohen+Watkins for James White. He countered with Latavius+Watkins for White. Latavius is my handcuff for Kamara (who was limited at practice today but will probably be fine), and might have a sizable role moving forward with the way he's played. Still, White would be more reliable I would think when Kamara is healthy. So, should I accept? If not, any good counter offer?


His team, for reference:

QB: Wilson

RB: Bell (injured), White (bye), Peterson (bye), Malcolm Brown (questionable)

WR: Thomas, Hopkins (bye), Chark (bye), Sanders, McLaurin (bye), Dorsett (bye)

TE: Graham

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Man that cohen+watkins for white seems like a good trade for both parties.  I feel like if it's me I'm holding on to my guys and wait and see what happens with Kamara/Latavius.  White has done decent but NE is a team that seems to lack consistency with individual players.  Our league is .5 ppr too.

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