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Alec Burks 2019-2020 Outlook

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5 hours ago, andy1234 said:

Any shot he has a good role on Philly? I imagine he’s still rosterable in a 12 teamer If he’s getting 25-30 minutes as a 6th man

Probably not... I doubt we don't see 30 mins from simmons Richardson Harris Horford Embiid if healthy, which would make him one of those 6th men who don't close games. I would guess we see about 18 mins a game from him, maybe more depending on injuries but I wouldn't rely on injuries. There's no starter to take those minutes from in the 4th and philly doesnt stagger as far as I know (I don't watch their games).  

Really wish he wasn't a drop but he probably will be. Grabbed Lee for him instead. Without the mins to get a lot of points, Burks isn't that great. 

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Nah. We'd rather fantasize about Larry Nance becoming fantasy relevant than to talk about sleepers like this guy. I've mentioned Burks a few times in the past 2 weeks 

I've never been a fan as I assume most aren't. Not a great fantasy player. You could do a lot worse at the moment though. One of those pick him up and ride him until the hot streak ends type of guys.

I'm here with you.

Simmons could miss major minutes down the stretch. Does Burks become a meaningful pickup? They don't have many creators and that's pretty much his only calling card. I own JRich who has battled with his own injuries this far, so a handcuff doesn't seem like the worst idea..

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