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Biggest One Season Wonders


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Avery and Kim do not belong on this list. This is "one-time" wonders, correct? Avery had three excellent seasons before he got hurt and starting sucking. Kim had two fantastic seasons and one very good one before he was ruined by Grady Little's insane overuse.

I would argue Avery only had two " excellent seasons " , but yeah your right even then I shouldn't have included him on the list..

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Corey Koskie 2001 Minnesota Twins:

He had over 26 home runs and 27 stolen bases to go along with 103 rbi and 100 runs scored. The rest of his career has been much less overwhelming.

Terry Steinbach 1996 Oakland Athletics:

He hit 35 home runs and 100 rbi. His next highest hr total in his career is 16 and his next highest rbi total is 67.

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I have a massive card collection... most are Baseball cards although I think I have a decent amount of NBA cards, as well as a big bin of mixed/misc. but mostly just of NBA cards somewhere from '93 or something...whatever year Harold Miner was a rookie. (For real!) Lots of doubles because somehow I wound up with quadruple packs of certain kinds and stuff. My MLB cards span a few decades and are fun to look through still, though!

While looking through the baseball cards, just some of the names from the early part of the '90s, or mid-late '90s were trips down memory lane. So it made me wonder.... looking at some of these cards and the career years some of these guys had- players who I only remember thanks to finding and seeing their card/stats- how many of us remember using any of these players? I'm already posting this while assuming a lot of the members here probably go back to the AOL days or even keeping track on paper for their in-person leagues....

(I only played in one or two free entry leagues that far back it feels like... I really got into fantasy about 5 or 6 years ago when I started taking it more seriously-- I was hooked and enjoyed it a lot and have ever since.)

(Mods- I hope this is an OK place to post a thread like this? Couldn't think of a better place honestly, and it's all in fun and kind of just to get a feel for how long some of us have all been playing too! And I'm curious to hear some of the players some people can remember or come up with... But please move this to the appropriate spot, or do anything if need be- thank you!)

So I'll get this going.... did anyone play in Rick Louselle's rookie year ('97 I think?), or remember when Loiselle, a former PIT Pirates RP (I think the Brewers or Astros drafted him... inclined to say Astros) who kinda came out of nowhere to finish in the top-5 in ROTY voting that season I think and came up with 29 saves- at the time, only 2nd in a season overall for any rookie ever (at that point), to Tim Worrell's record 30-something... :) Which has since been shattered. And I think Matt Capps may have broken Louselle's record too, but digressing!

Or.... more recent times for sure, I think 2006.... because it feels like he didn't pass too shortly thereafter...did anyone own Rod Beck during his little run with the Padres in his TWILIGHT?

Anyone stream Aaron Small in his 10-0 run with the Yankees?

etc. etc.

There's my starters.... I figure this could be for fun, to reflect on random scrubs (at least at the point in their career or opposed to what was expected of them) we have used over the years who have helped us ...at least gives those of us who don't want to get knee deep in the draft drama something to do in the off-season when not completely cramming for our drafts.

Like I posted in bold- if this is the wrong place or off-topic for this forum, @ the Moderators... please just move it to its appropriate place or do as fit....thank you. If it's cool to stay, I am curious to hear what some of you guys have got.... The only real element I would want to read about is the obscure or random cases of fantasy value, like Scott Kazmir last year kind of in a way... only, similar situations from a good while ago. And try to limit the choices if they're known and CHRONIC PED users? That's all I'm lookin' for!

Hope this is fun for some of us who are tired of reading mocks and just want the year to begin before someone really important gets hurt!! :D Just a "for fun" post.... cheers

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I think the title sums it up. But basically he's just talking about guys who had one big career year in the 90's and then were done.

Some more recent guys I can think of are:

Gordon Beckham - First player to hit the bigs out of that deep 2008 draft. After his rookie season has been well below average.

Ryan Ludwick - brokeout in 2008 then dwindled off into irrelevancy did have a solid 2012 though

Bill Hall - 35 bombs in 2006 and then went back to being an average hitter.

Chad Tracy - Had an awesome sophomore season in 2005, then became a below average hitter with health problems.

Russell Branyan - 31 HRs in 116 games in 2009. Only broke 100 games a few times in his career.

Mike Jacobs - Outside of his cup of coffee & rookie year was only ownable in 2008 when he had 31 bombs.

Jason Bartlett - Killed it in 2009 never did much of anything before or after that. Hit hit near half his career HRs in '09.

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Some pitchers.

Jon Garland - Had his career year in 2005 when The White Sox won the World Series.

Ramon Ortiz - Had better than just ownable ratios in 2002, never was fantasy relevant again.

Carlo Pavano - Had 18 W's in '04 and tricked The Yankees into an atrocious contract.

Ricky Romero - He dominated in 2011, he also had a solid 2010 looking at his stats.

Colby Lewis - Had a huge 2010.

J.A. Happ - 2009 when he was the swing man for The Phils.

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Haha I was just thinking Oh I forgot Ryan Raburn. I remember he had two back to back solid seasons but with limited playing time. Then the news broke he was going to play 2B and his ADP got out of control.

I actually think he will put together a solid season this year though. No 2B eligibility though.

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Melvin Mora in 2008 with the O's, had one of the hotter streaks ever seen, after a lousy start he went absolutely ballistic in late July/August before getting hurt, but always remember that cause I was cursed at 3B that year and Melvin's insane production as a desperation flier was like a miracle.

Another guy I remember was Kaz Matsui when he was reborn in Col in 2007 as a basestealing run scoring speed demon. Lol, then the anal fissures put an end to that

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To Melvin Mora's credit though he had a few fantasy relevant seasons back when he was probably sharing "B Vitamins" with Tejada.

That's true, he'd had some solid juicer years before that but if remember right in '07 and again at the start of '08 he looked like he was back to being the old Melvin.Guess Fedex had some shipping delays getting those vitamins to the Balt clubhouse around then

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Bryan LaHair really helped me for half a season in 2012 was it. He tends to be forgotten since his half season was the first half and not the second half.

But he was a lifesaver for me in a team I took over as a replacement owner who had no real 1B at all and none were available in the FA pool of any worth at first either.

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