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Jokic trade

Wise guy91

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i would take that as well

we can look at their stats

jokic 17.0 ppg   1.1 3s    9.0 rbg    6.1 asg    1.4 spg    0.7 bpg   

hield 18.3 ppg   3.4 3s    4.3 rbg    1.5 asg    0.6  spg   0.5  bpg   .412    .867


covington 11.8 ppg   1.9 3s   5.6 rbg   0.8 asg    1.5 spg    1.1 bpg    .423   .955   

lillard 30.5 ppg   3.7 3s    4.8 rbg   6.9 asg    1.3 spg    0.7 bpg    .482      .915


you will win a few points , gain a bit 3s. lose rebounds around 5 per game total, steals will increase too. 


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I'd be happy to make that deal.  Darryl already posted the stats, but I'll post the rankings for 9-cat (bball monster):

Lillard: #1

Jokic: #38

RoCo: #50

Hield: #129


While I agree with Rotojoe that Jokic/Hield won't be this bad, I also don't think they'll be better than Lillard/RoCo.

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