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D. Adams was dropped, how much FAAB? WHIR

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10 Team .5 PPR league.  D. Adams was dropped in my league, I can claim him off waivers tomorrow.  I realize he is a WR 40 on the season, but he is Rodger's best target and a good talent.  How much FAAB would you spend to get him?  I only have $23 left.  Below is my roster:

QB:  Wilson, Allen (streaming this week only due to Wilson on bye)

RB:  Zeke, Carson, Jacobs, Singletarry, L. Murray, Mattison

WR:  Julio, Evans, Chark

TE:  Waller


Thoughts?  WHIR

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Just now, joebaker23 said:

How in the world can someone drop Davante Adams.... without a doubt you go all in on him.


it's a stupid move.... a desperate owner in my league moved aaron jones for a haul only because he needed to win this week better than dropping him... guy could have gotten a haul from a team who is locked in to playoffs



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hell, if you can trade FAAB dollars, i would trade players to obtain FAAB money if it is possible to acquire enough FAAB money so you have the most and therefore can get adams (i recall the year leveon got hurt in my league there were frenzied FAAB trades as everyone was trying to bankroll the most money to bid on deangelo williams)


earlier this year in my other league this guy meant to drop J Jackson but dropped L Jackson by mistake.... I bid 80% of my FAAB budget and got L Jackson... it's been great

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On 11/14/2019 at 3:48 PM, croikee said:

Alright, I'm going all in.  If I get him, I'll come back here to celebrate.  Doubt I will as I have one of the lesser amounts of FAAB, but we shall see!  Thanks all.  

I would have put 90% of my remaining budget. How much did he go for? How much was your starting budget? 



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