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Carmelo Anthony 2019-2020 Outlook

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For those who just reached this thread to get some info about melo for your fantasy league, you are in the wrong place.


Random person just gave a little push by saying "melo played against Bulls" and everyone's gone mad.

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If you're punting season, run don't walk.

my mind's tellin me nooooo, but my body.. my bodyyyy's telling me yesssss

this man is one of the best players in history. He will  average knicks numbers

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2 hours ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

I mean I guess I'll say it.


2-9 for 9 points against a solid team like the Clippers in 28 minutes. Western Conference Player of the Week, team loses by 20, he is -14.

If he is on the wire. Run don't walk. Clearly he will play the Bulls every week for the rest of the year.


Crawl don't run

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Eh, tonight's game doesn't really move the needle for me.  I grabbed out of pure interest (and slight nostalgia) and Melo actually rewarded over the last few games, excluding tonight.  Being the West's PotW is a bit silly, of course.

But yeah, most of us just had to figure that he'd get destroyed against the Clippers.  I mean, even Dame got shut down.  The funny thing was that Melo actually had makeable shots.  He just settled for a bunch of jumpers that bricked, and one awful wide open layup where he got embarrassingly denied by the rim.  If there's any positives, it's that he made his FTs, stole some boards from Whiteside, and didn't commit TOs while playing a healthy allotment of minutes.  And FWIW, his matchup at times, Kawhi, shot badly too (I didn't see Melo's defense, but I highly doubt Melo really did much against Kawhi, lol).

Anyway, if you're a Melo owner, you gotta expect these things to happen against good teams.  If he can't stomp on Sac and Bjelica tomorrow, that'll be a bit more concerning.

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35 minutes ago, Bluo said:

Man is hot right now. What’s his ROS fg% lookin like? Can he sustain this?

To me he's a solid fantasy player in my league. I dont know how other leagues work but he was the best option around free agent pool. Top free agents in our league right now are Enes Kanter, Glenn Robinson III, and Deandre Hunter.

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23 minutes ago, waffleboy said:

but owning him makes you feel like you have an extra all star on your team ... that gotta count for something ... 


Hell yeah. Mind as well go ahead and grab Vince Carter too. Lock up your league plus double the fun.


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1 hour ago, the1gq2nvy said:

I dropped him. His basically sexton right now with even less assist. If he started shooting more 3s I can see reason to keep him and those steals I think are fools gold since he never been known as a thief in his career. 

But Sexton is owned and has been trending up.

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2 minutes ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

But Sexton is owned and has been trending up.

Yea sexton is actually doing more steals lately and couple assist. I picked up huerter and dropped melo. If melo can get up to 2 3's a game his fantasy value will be more stable since he doesn't contribute much elsewhere. 

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