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Trade Sammy Watkins for Ravens D? WHIR!

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Am I crazy for considering this simple one for one trade by giving up Sammy Watkins to acquire the Ravens D? Here's a bit more context. This is a standard scoring 10 team league that starts 3 WRs and a flex. I'm tied for 2nd place at 6-4. My current starting roster is below: 

  • QB: Mahomes
  • RBs: Zeke, Jacobs, Coleman, Drake, McKissic
  • WRs: Tyreek, Lockett, Chark, Marvin Jones, Watkins - must start 3 WRs
  • TEs: Engram, Howard (off waiver wire)
  • DST: Panthers and other streaming options for future weeks


My opponent who is considering this trade also as the Pats D and is sitting in first place at 9-1. Normally, I would not consider trading an impactful WR (is Sammy that impactful?) for a DST. However, I feel confident with the rest of my WRs, assuming health. After this week, Watkins might not even crack my starting lineup. 

The Ravens DST has been scoring very well lately (18, 12, and 23 last three weeks). They look great after adding Peters. More importantly, they have a favorable schedule in weeks 14-16 vs. Buffalo, NYJ, and CLE. I like that schedule come playoff time. 

As I finish writing this, I'm leaning towards making this trade. Talk me out of it! Why should I reconsider and keep Watkins? Thanks! WHIR!



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I think Watkins had more value last year, if Tyreek were to go down. However, with the emergence of Hardman, if Tyreek goes down, they now have more than 1 WR they can lean on. I would make the deal. I know some say K & Def dont matter, but if you can get those who can potentially give you double digit pts, why not go after them? GL!


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I would do it. This week though may be a rough go for the Ravens D as I see this game against Houston as a Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson shootout. Still for the remainder of the season and the Fantasy Playoffs you can't go wrong.

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