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Waste a waiver on Kanter?


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Strong no for me.  

I'm not sure what your needs/team or even your waiver status are (which would probably be helpful to provide next time), but in a vacuum, I'd hold.  

Sure, Theis/Time Lord are injured, but once they're healthy, I don't see a real need for Stevens to eschew defense for offense, given the starting lineup already has a ton of firepower.  It'd also likely turn into a nasty timeshare anyway, since I don't think it's realistic for any of them to play alongside each other (one can hope).

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Contrarian hot take, but waiver order doesn't matter that much this early in the year unless you play in a league where you have panicky owners who drop players that have no business being on the wire

Assuming this is h2h, the real valuable drops are gonna come after mid (fantasy) season, when owners need to start making tough decisions on holding injured players, making playoff pushes and making desperation drops for streamers in must win matchups

If you use your waiver a few times before january, you'll should still have time to rise back up the order for when it matters. 

Course that's gonna depend on your league. how active other owners are on waivers and whether you think there's a realistic chance must own players will be dropped over the next few weeks

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If you're in the top half of the waiver priority I wouldn't do it either. Theis & Time Lord were doing really well before their short-term injuries & I can't seeing Kanter being anything more than a FG% and rebounds specialist in the near future. My guess is his minutes won't be amazing this year and will mostly be matchup-based. 

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