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12-team, 0.5 PPR. Note we start 3WR + a flex

QB: Murray, Winston

RB: Kamara, Latavius, Dam. Williams, Hyde

WR: Julio, Sutton, Parker, Watkins, Samuel

TE: Kittle, Howard


Another owner is short on players this week due to byes and injuries. He has two guys that aren't helping him this week that I'm interested in: TY Hilton, and Devonta Freemon. I offered up Watkins+Hyde for Hilton, and he said he liked the deal, but he couldn't do it for Watkins because that would give him 3 Chiefs all on bye next week. He countered with Hilton for Hyde+Sutton, but I don't think that's worth it for me. He did express willingness to do it for another of my WRs though.

What should my counter-offer be: Hyde+Parker, or Hyde+Samuel? One factor is that I need to win this week and I love Samuel's matchup. I like Parker's setup as well as the #1 receiving option on a team that will almost always be trailing in the second half and a really nice ROS schedule. So who should I be more willing to give up?

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Yeah I'm reading some pretty negative things about Hilton that the injury could linger. Would Freeman be a better target? Hyde+Parker for Freeman? Or maybe Hyde straight up (but I doubt he'd do that)?


Note that we start 3 WR and a flex, so WR depth is more important than at RB. With the open roster spot I would pick up one of the following: Burkhead, Cooks, or Gordon (I'm looking for late-season upside). Or I would pick up a second DST for some weeks.

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You could try Hyde & either Parker or Samuel, if you feel Hilton returns. Definitely hold onto Sutton. As fo bD Freeman, would only trade for him, if you can get B Hill, just in case the injury lasts longer than expected or if they decide to shut him down, since they are out of the playoffs. GL!


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