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J Brown, DJ Murray for Isaac, Ball WHIR


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Hi all, Wanted to get some more experienced feedback on this trade.    I have a guard heavy team but a bit worried about my frontcourt (mainly because of Draymond Green).   I took a flyer and offered J Brown for his Isaac.  He came back with Ball and Isaac for my DJ Murray and J Brown.  Would you take this trade.  Thinking long term, not short term.  I mainly is not sure about Ball.    

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Well, I won't do this trade because I believe Jaylen Brown gonna keep thriving this season and Murray will get better as season progress, while Isaac just got hurt, ball is hurt half of the season every season. But this is just general, looking at your team would even strengthen my opinion since you barely have blocks and I doubt Isaac alone will make you competetive in this and you don't really need the extra assists you'll get from ball but you do need the ~14 reb Brown and Murray will give you (while Isaac and Ball will give you only ~11). The only thing this trade will give you is few more Treys which you don't need and like ~1 steal edge.


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