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Damien Williams, Fitz, or AP?

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5 minutes ago, DonBure said:

I was planning to start Damien Williams in my flex (1 Point PPR), but now he's showing up as Questionable. 

Should I roll the dice or start Fitz? or Peterson (Guice back this week)? 



Do you have a drop to pick up Darrel Williams, in case Damien cant go? Didnt see any type of injury & he did travel with the team, so thinking he could be good to go. But understand the risk, so if concerned, may lean Fitz, as I think WASH wants to get Guice involved. GL!

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The problem with Damien Williams is he is playing the Monday Night game. If he don't go and you wait you could be screwed unless you do have LeSean McCoy. I have also heard that the Redskins are going to feature Guice to see if they have to focus on if they have to draft a RB next season so AP may not be the best option. I would go with Fitz to be safe unless you hear that Williams is going to play for sure.

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