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Need help! Westbrook/Kemba for Kawhi/Love/Fox

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since that both westbrook and kawhi has load management issue, I have one less problem to consider(smh)

Im at a h2h point 10 team league, my current roster as:


Guards: Westbrook, Kemba, Malcolm Brogdon, J. Richardson, Luke Kennard

Forwards: PG, Sabonis, Randle, Favors, Larry Nance Jr.

Centres: Myles Turner, TT


Should I go for this trade? If yes, who should I drop to accommodate that extra spot?

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How would you have one less problem to consider when Love has injury issues and a team primed for the tank, Fox just went down with a serious injury which - just from what I've heard, not that I know much myself - means that even when he returns, he's liable to be far from full sharpness, and Kawhi is Lord Management himself, with his perpetual quad issue recently receiving an addition in the form of a knee issue which has kept him out of a few recent games. I think you should stay put.

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Keep Westbrook and Kemba. Like the poster above me said, Kawhi is load managed to death, Love is a prime shutdown candidate with injury history and Fox wont be useful for weeks, plus I'm sure he'll be playing with restrictions when he does return. 

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Stick with Russ and Kemba. Russ won't miss nearly as many games as Kawhi, not even close. And Kemba is very durabl and Russ typically is as well from an injury standpoint.

Kawhi, Love and Fox is just way too risky, Kawhi will miss close to 30 games probably, Fox is out indefinitely and Love is always an injury/shutdown risk. 


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