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Jakob Poetl 2019-2020 Outlook

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Am I the only disappointed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Poeltl can't fit as a team name in Yahoo! leagues?

His blocks output, low TO and moderate impact in rebounds & FG% equate to solid value as an end of bench guy, ROS even.  If you aren't punting points, then you're going to need to make that up els

Just wait until the day they promote that woman to head coach if she doesn't take the Knicks job. They would really fall off the rails lol.

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And so let it begin ... spurs are dog**** and pop knows this so he made the move to bring this boy into the starting lineup. In my eyes he’s a baller and has produced when given the opportunity and minutes. He’ll average 10 and 10 w 1.5 blocks a game on low turnovers and good fg if given at least 20-22 mins a night.



Hows everyones feel on him ?? 

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  • tonycpsu changed the title to Jakob Poetl 2019-2020 Outlook

I drafted him with 1 of my last picks in a deep league and was disappointed he couldn’t beat out Lyles for the starting job.  I have doubts that this move sticks tho so I’d be careful about who you drop for him

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Whats the wordle on the Poeltl, bruh... we doin this or what? Startin, avgin 20 plus fan pts last four games and got 26 mins in first start last game, what we thinkinnnnn???


Time to rock some Poeltl Power bro?!

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If Pop stops being weird with his line-ups and mins, then Poeltl will definitely have value going forward. DeMar and Aldridge have been huge negatives defensively (surprise surprise) and are also causing the offense to stagnate (no ball movement and high usage for mid-range shots).


If you ask any Spurs fan, Poeltl is a must for his defense, boards and ability to open up the offense (passing, PnR, energy etc.). Whether or not Pop sees that is a different story though.

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Deep leaguers should be picking him up and anyone in dire need of those big man stats should be on watch. 



Coach Gregg Popovich moved Poeltl into the starting five, a move that LaMarcus Aldridge is a fan of. "I like playing big. I’m an old-school guy," Aldridge said. "Hopefully it can keep working out for us." DeMar DeRozan added that he likes Poeltl's ability to run the floor, protect the rim and set screens, and it doesn't hurt that Poeltl helped the Spurs end their 8-game losing streak with a double-double on Saturday. If you need a big, Poeltl is trending up as a source of FG%, rebounds and blocks.


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