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Who can I add with Luka to make it a fair trade to give away Harden? WHIR

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9 cat, 10 team H2H

Luka owner in one of my leagues wants Harden. Thinking about doing a 2 for 1 and get some depth on my team. WHo would be a fair addition with Luka to consider giving up Harden? This is his squad:

PG: Luka, Trae, Conley, Devonte, Dejounte

SG: Butler, Ingram, Bogdan, Divincenzo

SF: RoCo, Marcus Morris, Winslow

PF: Zion

C :Tristan Thompson

Who else can I get for this to be a fair trade?

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I would grab Trae Young or Butler. Harden is still a level above Luka and you'd rather win a trade not have it be as even as possible. Roco will be a more "fair" trade and may be realistic. I wouldn't accept anyone else outside of those 3. Harden is just that good.

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I'd see if you can swing RoCo if you're really committed to trading Harden, but if it was me I'd just keep Harden. Dude has been putting up these type of numbers for a couple years now and can almost singlehandedly win you a couple categories. Luka is a superstar in the making but it wouldn't be surprising for his numbers to drop a bit ROS. 

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