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11-21-2019 - TNF: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

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Waiting for the Williams thread to open

man. some of you guys just can't seem to admit that a player made a good play. that was as really nice run by Williams. 

word is that the Colts are still running the ball after the game is over

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Just now, JE7HorseGod said:

I think he had to be playing hurt.  I read some stuff on an injured ab.

He had that shoulder injury at the end of the season last year. I wonder if it carried over. I think they said it tore off the bone? Something like that. 

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Just now, CurlyDumps said:

Can this annoying Colts defense go away please? 

Watson is shredding them pretty good this drive

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6 minutes ago, Deke said:

So Williams goes from inactive to bell cow. Didn’t see that coming. Was hoping Wilkins would at least split 

Seriously tho. Dafuq? Makes me seriously question Mack.. This situation seemed like a mess

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1 minute ago, DirtyBirdSA said:

So far not a good decision to start TY and Brissett....and Nuk


Thursday night penalty fest...and Hilton is a decoy. Tonight

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1 minute ago, mjb said:

TY on pitch count

Yeah...bought into the hype they might actually throw to him tonight. Next week for sure

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1 minute ago, ginocan said:

What a great game so far...for people that got the Under. 

For fantasy...what a crappp fest

Idk it’s a pretty great game when you’re facing a ton of these players across several different leagues

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