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HUGE trade offer: My Adell / L. Robert for Yelich in Auction Keeper

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12 Team Head to Head Auction Keeper League
Players eligible to re-sign can be extended 1-5 years
6 x 6 Categories (OPS / HLD)


Whoa man this is a tough one.  I love my prospects and all...buuuut.  I was just offered this:

I trade away:
Jo Adell ($6 1 year deal, then $9 up to 5 more years)
Luis Robert ($11 3 year deal, then $17 up to 5 more years)
Jeter Downs ($2 1 year deal, then $3 up to 5 more years)


I receive: 
Christian Yelich ($2 1 year deal, then $3 up to 5 more years)


The main issue is right now i don't have space for Yelich, but I could surely make a trade to alleviate that.   I'd be saving about $17 in 2020.  Obviously I LOVE Adell and Robert, though....but Yelich is still just 27 or 28 and should have many MVP type seasons in the next 4-5 years.  For my OF prospects, I'd still be sitting on JRod and Kelenic plus any FYPD guys i get this year.  

Sweating this one...please help!  😓

My Full MLB and MiLB Rosters with pricing below.


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Its a no brainer to take a TOP 3 player right now and give up 2 players you HOPE to be top 3 players.  Its unreal how crazy people get over prospects, and forget the task at hand.  Winning.  Yelich is cheaper, in his prime, and ALREADY a top 3 player in all of fantasy.  Let someone else dream and hope about Adell and Robert.  Yelich for me, easy

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Prospect can totally flame out too or not live up to their hype (see Buxton). If someone offered me Yelich for my Franco/Adell, I’m doing that trade all day long. I have a laundry list of prospects to fill my two minor slots to fill the void.

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Yeah, I'd take it and I LOVE prospects especially robert and Adell.

Definitely do it for Yelich who's a top 3 player for the next few years likely

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Usually these types of deals in auction leagues happen when the person trying to get rid of the veteran is trying to unload money. You are getting top 3 player and more salary cap! Hopefully  you've already accepted. And this is coming from a ChiSox fan who absolutely loves Robert.

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On 11/22/2019 at 3:02 PM, HOOTIE said:

You cant be serious? That trade will be voided.

Ditto.  A veto sure to happen.  Completely ridiculous imo, esp. when you consider Yelich is locked in at a low price for 6 years lol.

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