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New $$ H2H Dyansty League on Fantrax

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Here are the basics. Email me at modestoempireruss1@gmail.com if you have any questions. We are starting to get some teams joining so let me know.

16 Teams (1 division)
1 Win per Head to Head Matchup
24 Week Season (18 Regular 6 Week Playoffs)
$30 annual fee (covers Premium fee) but need to pay $60 to join first year to cover 1st and 2nd year. $30 annually (basically paying year in advance to ensure managers are committed to the league) - Use Fantrax Treasurer
8 team championship playoffs 3 Round Playoffs of 2 weeks each (no playoff final week of MLB season)
8 team consolation playoffs 3 Round Playoffs of 2 week each (winner gets 1st MILB pick and $5 salary cap for following season)
Payout 1st = 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10%
Balance schedule - Play each team 2x or 30 games (3 weeks will be doubleheaders)
45 man roster (30 MLB and 15 MILB)
Use Fantrax for draft and communications
Daily lineups
C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, 2 UTL, 4 SP, 4 RP, 2 P, 5 IL
Auction MLB Draft $135 Salary Cap Contracts 1-4 years length
Non-snake MLB Draft for 1st Year MILB players and International Players signed after auction draft (1st year random and subsequent year reverse order of regular season except winner of consolation playoff wins 1st MILB pick)

Additional rules for league are as follows:


Rookie contracts

1st year $0.5MM
2nd year $1.0MM
3rd year $2.0MM
4th year $4.0MM
5th year Free Agent

Rookie contracts begin the start of the season following a player achieving 50IP or 130AB. Contracts are $0 until the 50IP/130AB threshold is met.


Player A has 50AB at start of 2019 so contract value is $0 for 2019 season.
Player A has additional AB during 2019 and ends 2019 season with 200AB.
Player A can remain on either the MILB or MLB roster for 2019 at $0 value.
Player contract would be $0.5MM starting 2020 season and must be on MLB roster.

MLB players will be signed by annual auction. Teams will bid on players. If there are no bids after 24 hours, team will be award player and has 24 hours to make an election for number of contract years. Team can sign player for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. The annual salary cap for player award during auction will be divided by contract years.


Team A bids $80MM for Player A during 2019 auction. If after 24 hours, there are not other bids. Team A is awarded Player A. Team A has 24 hours to elect the number of contract years.

Team A elects 1 year - Player A salary cap hit is $80MM for 2020 season
Team A elects 2 years - Player A salary cap hit is $40MM for 2020 and 2021 seasons.
Team A elects 3 years - Player A salary cap hit is $26.67MM for 2020, 2021 and 2022 seasons.
Team A elects 4 years - Player A salary cap hit is $20MM for 2020, 2021,2022 and 2023 season.

Each team is allowed (not required) 1 "franchise" player designation annually at a salary of 150% of the prior season contract. In the above example, Team elects franchise status for Player A for 2024 with a salary cap hit of $30MM.

Teams can waive any player under a FA contract but there is a penalty in the current season of 50%. E.g. Player A has a $20MM contract for season 2020 and 2021. Player A is waived by Team A in 2020. There will be a $10MM salary cap hit for season 2020 but $0 in season 2021. If Player A is picked up by Team B during 2020, Team B assumes contract hit of $10MM and Team A would have $0 salary cap hit in 2020. All players waived during their Rookie contract years 1 to 4 will be at $0 penalty.

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